One Man Couldn’t Figure Out How His Corgi Was Escaping…So He Set Up A Camera post image

This video shows a 11-week-old Corgi, Beau, making the great escape from the dog-proof gate which his owner put up to keep him in the kitchen! Every time his owner put him there, the corgi would somehow escape! So, his human decided to put up a camera to capture the daring escape plan! Ah, so… Read More

At First This Looks Like Just An Ordinary Cat, But He’s So Much More Than That! post image

When Oscar, a beautiful black cat, was asleep in a field, he lost his two rear feet to a terrible accident when a combine harvester accidentally ran over them. Thankfully, a vet stepped in to help him. The vet has made him the world's first bionic cat by giving him a new pair of feet… Read More

Music Legend Pulls Fans On Stage After Reading THIS Sign. Now Look What It Says… post image

This video shows Sir Paul McCartney performing at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY. Unlike the new generation artists, McCartney does not usually pull random fans onstage. But when he saw a woman holding up a sign reading 'He won’t marry me ’til he meets you' and a man next to her holding up… Read More

They Open The Yellow Gates, Now Keep Your Eye On #3. HILARIOUS! post image

This video shows a hilarious Weiner Dog Race that took place on the baseball field in El Paso, TX. The race begins with eight adorable dachshunds racing to be the fastest weiner dog. Of the eight cuties, five seem more interested in sniffing around while the remaining three actually manage to reach the finish line… Read More

Blind Mom Tries To Feed Baby, Now Watch What Her Husband Does. I’m Crying! post image

This is the inspiring story of Nicole, a loving mom of three kids, who lives with her husband in Utah. She is a stay at home mom and her passion is cooking. Unfortunately, she is blind but she still manages to care for her family in complete darkness. She lost her sight in 2001 when… Read More

The Crowd Is In TEARS When He Sings, But Watch Who Comes Out Of The Shadows.. post image

The ever beautiful “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen has been covered by almost all the popular singers! Its simple yet powerful lyrics are totally moving! This video shows a beautiful rendition of this song by the group called 'Celtic Thunder' from Dublin which comprises of 5-6 men. As you can see, their singing moves many in… Read More

Bubbly Infant Was Coming Home From Day Care Unusually Tired. Then She Gets A Call From the Sheriff post image

When Leslee Meade's six-months-old boy came home tired and drowsy from his day care, she knew something was just not right. According to WHO-TV reports, the owner and staff at Sue’s Day Care in Durant, Oklahoma, are being investigated for something very shocking. It has been discovered that they were administering Benadryl to the children… Read More

He Takes A Plastic Cup And Puts It On His Drill…The Reason Why Is So Smart! post image

It is always great to do simple home improvement projects. Recently, when I finished installing a beautiful chandelier in my living room, I was really proud of myself. The dust that falls out while drilling the wall is really awful. Getting the carpets and the furniture free of the fine dust does take some effort… Read More

As Rescuers Approached, Big Brother Protected His Sister — But Then, This Happened. post image

Here is another heartwarming rescue by 'Hope For Paws'! Two adorable poodles were stranded in a sewer for many weeks before 'Hope For Paws' got a call from an animal lover. It is amazing to the see the amount of love these two poodles, Cola and Pepsi, have for each other. I hope these two… Read More

They Caught Their Dog Doing The Most Hilarious Thing In The Backyard — What A Ham! post image

After a long and tiring day, who wouldn't love a relaxing soak in a hot tub! This cutie seems to be totally enjoying his bath time in the tub. He probably had a long and tiring day chasing rabbits and squirrels! His cute little moans are just too much to handle! Watch and enjoy… Read More