Old Man Climbs The Roof Every Day. What Strangers Do To His House? It’s Gone VIRAL! post image

When David saw his 75-year-old neighbor Richard Dubiel working on replacing the shingles on his roof laboriously for almost three months, he was flabbergasted by the old man's dedication. He decided to help him out and put a picture of Richard working on his roof in Facebook and asked for help with the roof that… Read More

He Caught An Old Man Doing THIS To A Soldier’s Grave, Now It’s Going VIRAL! post image

When Jake lost his wife of 65 years in 2014, he made it his routine to visit her grave everyday and leave beautiful flowers at her headstone. He also waters the grass around it. One day, when he noticed a woman weeping at the grave of her husband, a fallen soldier, Jake decided to water… Read More

Marine Starts Singing A Famous Song From 1968, Now Watch How His Soldier Brothers React… post image

In this video, a group of handsome marines sing the song “Build Me Up Buttercup” by 'The Foundations' which was a super-hit pop tune in 1968. These marines are serving overseas in Iraq and burst out into an impromptu performance while they send supplies down an assembly line! It is one of those lighthearted moments… Read More

He Skins The Inside Of A Watermelon, Now Watch When He Pulls Off The Top…WHOA! post image

If you like to perform cool tricks at parties and be the center of attraction, you absolutely have to check out this trick by Mark Rober, former NASA engineer! This guy shows us how to 'skin' a watermelon in an unique and innovative way! Though it does sound impossible, all it requires is a couple… Read More

Boy Pulls Drowning Girl From The Ocean, But Notice His Ring Finger…WHOA! post image

This short yet powerful ad created by 'Scouts South Africa' and Cape Town agency 'Not Norm' carries a potentially life-saving message. Parents usually enroll their kids in scouts, cubs and other such youth organizations in order to instill a sense of responsibility in them and also to make them learn life saving skills. In this… Read More

A Kitten Was Found Swimming Alone. Now Watch What’s In The Water Behind The Fisherman… post image

This video shows a fisherman, Jason Frost, in his boat when he notices a small speck of orange swimming towards his boat. Before you wonder whether it was a fish or some other aquatic creature - it was actually a kitten! This tiny cutie must have been dumped in the water by a heartless person… Read More

Young Boys Turn Their Backs On Crowd. Everyone Freaks Out At What Follows post image

Recently, at this year's finals of 'World of Dance' in Los Angeles, the all male group 'Kyushudanji Shinsengumi' simply rocked the show! This group won the first place in the Youth division of the competition. They received a trophy and cash prize of $500. They had traveled all the way from Japan to participate in… Read More

Kelly Clarkson Suddenly Stops Mid-Song When She Sees This Audience Member post image

This video shows one of the recent concerts of Kelly Clarkson, whose musical career took off after she won the season one of American Idol! During the concert she spots a cute baby in the crowd and midway stops singing 'Breakaway' to hold 16-month-old Boston! She explains that being a new mom she couldn't help… Read More

Cop Puts A Homeless Baby In His Squad Car. Where He Drives Next? I’m SPEECHLESS. post image

About a week back, when Corporal Che’ Atkinson saw a woman with a small child in the lobby of the police station, he instantly knew something was not well with her. On talking to her, he found she had been a victim of domestic violence and she and her 1 year old girl had nowhere… Read More

7-Year-Old Girl Says THIS To Bully Who Beat Her Up. Now Watch Who Shows Up At Her Door… post image

7-year-old Ashley Wastakiewicz is a first grader and an animal lover. But this shy girl is scared of going outside to play. The reason - bullying! A 11-year-old boy has been bullying her and once he even beat her up landing her in the ER. Since then this sweet girl has been cooped up in… Read More