He Threw His Autistic Son Into The Ocean, But The Reason Why Will Leave You In Tears.

Izzy Paskowitz was a professional surfer who used to travel the world. Within a year of him getting married, Izzy had a beautiful baby boy who was named Isaiah. It seemed they had the perfect family until one day Isaiah stopped talking all of a sudden.

It was then discovered that Isaiah has Autism. Isaiah grew up without much bonding and connection with his family until one day, out of desperation, Izzy threw Isaiah into the ocean. What happens next it so beautiful and moving, that you will just need to watch.

Inspired by his own autistic son, champion surfer Izzy Paskowitz founded Surfer’s Healing, a camp for autistic children.

Watch the full video below and if it moved you as much as it moved me, SHARE this story with others and spread the wonderful possibilities Izzy’s foundation is offering to children with Autism.

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